+ Laxihusk  Granules  is  a   combination   of   Lactitol and lspaghula, which relieves constipation and maintains regularity. They work by different mechanisms to absorb water into the intestine and make the stool soft and easier to pass. It is a Natural Fibre Drink.


+ Lactitol : In the colon it is broken down to short chain organic acids and acidify, this results in an increase in osmotic pressure in the colon, thereby causing an increase in   the   stool   water    content   and   stool   volume.

+ lspaghula Husk : It absorbs water in the GI tract to form a mucilaginous mass which increases the volume of faces

Supplement  Facts


Lactitol Concentrate

10 g

lspaghula Husk

2.5 g

Recommended Usage : 20gm twice daily in water.

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EL-LAXIHUSK- N 30- Pack of 200 gm granules

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