+ RESQ - WOMEN is a dietary supplement for women that help to manage PCOS and support fertility. This combination improves ovulatory function, menstrual cyclicity and the quality of eggs.


+  Improves pregnancy  rate   with  PCOS

+ Restores normal ovulatory activity & fertility with PCOS

+  Increases progesterone & Lowers testosterone  levels

+  Improves insulin sensitivity

+  Relieves depression  and  mood disorders

+ Regulates menstrual cycle &  Promotes egg quality

+ Supports normal lipid levels

Supplement  Facts

Nutritional Information (approximate values) per serving (Per Tablets)

Energy Value                 1.72 kcal

 Zinc                        10mg

Protein                                         O g

L-Methytfoliate        0.5 mg

Carbohydrate                      0.43 g 

Calcium Chromium

Sugar                                           O g


Each Film Coated Tablets Contains 


Myo-lnositol                     550 mg

Selenomethioin       50 mcg

N-Acetycysteine                 25 mg

VitaminD3                25mcg                 

0-Chiro-lnositol                13.B mg

VitaminB12                lmcg  

Recommended Usage :  1 Tablet daily or as directed by Health Professional.

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EL- RES Q WOMEN- N 42- Pack of 30 tablets

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