An initiative taken by EL India and Kamkus Group of clinics in uk to launch courses on multidimensional wellbeing as aongoing commitment to provide professional courses to enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals in the field of integrated medicine in south asia.

We are one faculty taught by very well-respected international faculty, the quality control of our programs is overseen by the international faculty.
We are diverse as our learning community benefits from a wide range in age and background. Classroom experiences are challenging and thought-provoking and enhance the self development as well as the professional development.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit. Our aim is not simply to impart knowledge but to contribute to maintaining a competitive and a “smart” economy, and also to play a valuable part in the holistic development of the person. Part of this development relates to the fostering of “transferable” or “generic” skills in individuals. Examples of such skills are communication skills, planning, leadership, multi-tasking etc skills that are essential not just in learning or works situations, but in all areas of life.

Increasingly we will judge our performance in the context of achievable but challenging benchmarks, thinking more globally, establishing international relationships, and generally making the institute an exciting professional and personal place to be.

Helping us in this Endeavour , we have created a smart and effective modules where students get flexible study hours, supervised professional practice, personal training in eastern psychotherapy of hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming.

The aim of these courses is to provide the participants with the opportunity to explore the potential effectiveness of a range of eastern psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

When students complete and pass the various exam requirements of the advanced Diploma of hypnotherapy and NLP or eastern psychotherapy they are then can have an option to become the member of National council of psychotherapy (NCP) UK and GHSc( General Hypnotherapy Council) the most reputed organization regulating hypnotherapy practices in UK.

These courses offered by the EL KAMKUS Institute of Integrated medicine, provide multiple skill techniques to students, as taught by experienced practitioners and academicians. Students gain confidence, by practicing these skills during class, while the lecturers monitor and assess their competency. These courses are rich with “practical” experience.

The aim of these courses is to provide the participants with the opportunity to explore the potential Effectiveness of a range of Hypnotherapy/Eastern psychotherapy techniques, and to develop a high level of competency, confidence and knowledge in relation to the opted subject.

If you want to become part of EL KAMKUS Institute of Integrated Medicine, you will need to understand and accept this emphasis on the ethical values of our Institute to provide safe and healthy environment to our clients with motto “Help ALL Serve ALL”. We welcome your interest and invite your further inquiry and hope that you might join us later to serve the humanity.

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